Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretty Boy...Vintage Jagger

Lips and hips that sank many a ship. I like the young clean cut Jagger look from when The Rolling Stones first assembled. It provided such a wonderful contrast, a skinny clean cut British boy dancing like a soulful stripper, damn that's lethal.

Luminous Prose


The XX- Islands

I am still obsessed with this song after a month of continuous play, I'm going to wear it out but I just can't help myself.

Dark Horse

Everything Natalia Brilli designs is absolutely brilliant. EVERYTHING. I want to live in a world designed by her, matte black and gorgeous.

KILLING IT. Can't wait for our "Black Out Party" Friday.

Claws Out

I once had a boyfriend tell me I had stretch marks because the tiger inside was fighting to get out. I always thought that was an incredible way of describing something otherwise thought of as ugly. These paintings by Brian Donnelly reminded me of that, maybe there's an animal in all of us trying to get out.

All photos via Show and Tell Gallery.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Needful things.

I need...A Mask.

More Sunshine.

Litter SF Necklace Earrings.

A Rick Owens Leather Jacket.

More Kissing.

Jefferey Campbell's 99, although they are sold out everywhere. BUMMER.

Breakfasts in Bed.

Leather Scoop Gloves

A Vacation.

Good times with old friends.

A Tutu.

Luminous Prose

"If there is a heaven I don't really want to go. All of the people I like in this world are going to hell anyway, I'd much rather go to that party."- Sandi

You'll love this...

Unicorn Wolf Lazers Fuck You. Yeah that's exactly what I said... thanks Dave!

I Feel You.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Even better images found at www.Iain


You can interpret my thoughts as you please, I like to keep a visual diary it seems more enchanting than words alone. Another photo dump of thoughts and feelings, enjoy.


Thanks to the talented Diana Behl for sending me this.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I just saw that Dave posted the dealbreaker conversation on the World's Best Ever Blog... thought I'd touch on the subject.

So after attending the Spike Jonze Retrospective (rad) with Dave (rad), drinking lots of mini Colt 45's(also rad), we ended up sitting at a bar making a list of "deal breakers". When it comes to room decor and artifacts found in the apartments of the opposite sex, there are just certain things that can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Here's his dealbreaker. Sketchers hahahaaha, I second that bleh bleh bleh! Mine would be...
Is that the pungent stench of date rape I smell? Oh why yes it is! If this is found on a night stand, in a bathroom, etc. I would make up some lame excuse and get out of there.

Other deal Breakers included,

-Too many stuffed animals on your bed. Childhood artifacts are a red flag.
-General hygiene standards are not being met.
-Posters on the walls. Especially blacklight or naked/beer ladies.
-Framed pictures of your mother and or father on your night stand.
-Absolutely barren apartment wasteland, I understand minimalism but we are talking borderline American Psycho shit going on, if there is nothing but a bed and a fridge RUN.
- Remnents of any sort of Magic the gathering, Dugeons and Dragons, Hentai, or anime obsession.

What's your dealbreaker?

Fuck Yeah The Universe

Fuck Yeah The Universe Blog is dedicated to the universe and it's awesomeness. Check it out! Via Glitterpie aka my favorite Jackalope just trying ta cope Ms. Mary. Halloween is approaching so watch out for those Juggalos ladybug!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sketching

I spent the day listening to girl groups from the 60's, eating pad kee mao and painting mini portraits of models. Not a bad Sunday. Even if they suck I feel that it's important to make something everyday if possible, winter is coming and that means I'll be stuck inside hopefully painting more.


Go waste some time and visit the Marvel Create your own Comic site. Via Dave!


The Troggs- With a Girl Like You

Thank you.

Belle Du Jour

Today I have to make an art run, pick up some paint and on the way I'm going to try to find some macaroons... I can't stop thinking about them, I'm surely crazy. I thought this would also be an appropriate time to dump some of the many photos I've collected of my favorite vintage french women. French women and macaroons together? Unstoppable! I also like how the macaroons matched seem to match up with the personalities and color schemes of the photos.

Pictured Anna Karina, Francoise Hardy, France Gall, Brigitte Bardot, and Catherine Deneuve.